1. PG: Stephen Curry, Steph Curry is the greatest shooter of all time. He is also a 2 time MVP and a soon to be 4 time champion. No other Point Guard in the league compares to him. He also averages 25 points per game while having 4 all stars on his team.
  2. PF: Giannis Antetokounmpo, He is an MVP candidate this year is lead his team to the 1st seed in the east. Last year his team lost in the first round, but this year his team has a chance at making the finals. Anthony Davis is the only Power Forward in the league that comes close to Giannis, but Davis is hurt too much and can’t carry his team like Giannis.
  3. C: Joel Embiid, Joel is a force on defense and on offense. He leads his team, which has 4 all stars, in points and rebounds. He is also the best trash talker in the league. There is no other Center in the league as dominant as Joel Embiid.
  4. SG: James Harden, He averaged 35 points per game this year and could win the MVP award this year. He also won the MVP award last year. The only Shooting Guards that are runner up to Harden are Demar Derozan, Jimmy Butler, and Klay Thompson.
  5. SF: LeBron James, People said he had a down year, but in reality he still averaged 26 points and 8 rebounds. He also is arguably the best basketball player of all time. Some people may argue that Kevin Durant is better, but I beg to differ. LeBron’s one championship in 2016 is more valuable than all of Durant’s rings.
Credited to: Google Images